The one word that will transform your Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, we repeatedly prod to our kids to say what they are thankful for or think about what they are thankful for.  It downed on me though that if we just shift that thinking a tiny bit and instead, show thanks, it could make a lasting impression.  It is true indeed that our actions speak louder than our words and what better time to put this into practice on the one day we have specifically set aside for gratitude.

Here’s 6 ways I thought of to Show Thanks:

1.    Show thanks for the shelter you have by donating to homeless charity.

2.    Show thanks for your family by specifically telling them what they mean to you (more than thank you please).

3.    Show thanks for your food by serving others.

4.    Show thanks to those others that have made a big impression on your life by telling them so and paying it forward to another in need of guidance.

5.    Show thanks for your health by eating reasonably on Thanksgiving or donating to a charity that will help others with their health (e.g. American Cancer Society)

6.    Show thanks for your dog by giving him a treat and taking extra time to play with him in the yard or take an extra-long walk.

Turn your Thanksgiving into one of action rather than just one of overeating and sitting in front of the TV.  Do a few small things for those around you to show how thankful you are for all you have.  Pay it Forward.  You might just be surprised what new paths may open up in your relationships if you translate those thankful thoughts into deeds.

Happy Thanksgiving!