The power of sharing your story

Mitchell Chadrow, host of the #ListenUP podcast, reached out to me a little while back asking if I would be interested in being on his show.  At first, the imposter syndrome kicked in, “I’m just a sidehustle coach, why would he want to have me on.”  “Who’s going to want to hear an hour of me talking.”  Realizing that this confrontation was taking place in my brain, I took a dose of my own medicine, jumped in and said yes.  I am glad I did.  When I have a coaching conversation or am talking advice with anyone, I don’t typically spend a lot of time talking about my own personal story.  I should probably have already known that this is a mistake to keep quiet and not share.  After all, we’ve learned since we were all kids that sharing is a good thing.

Your story is what connects you to other people

I shied away from telling my story because I figured, everyone has a story, what makes mine so special?  Actually, I realized that is just exactly the point!  I have a story, you have a story and if we share that with one another, we will find connections that bond us together more tightly than perhaps we could’ve before.  Those connections create a foundation for building healthy, deep relationships long into the future. 

We are in different chapters of our stories

Maybe someone will hear my interview with Mitchell that is earlier on in their journey, facing some of the same challenges I have faced.  While that part of our stories may be similar, I hope hearing mine helps them read ahead a little and know that if they just persevere, chose what they want next and begin working towards it, they can build a better version of themselves.  I look to others further along than me on the journey and take comfort that if I just keep pushing, maintain the right intentions, it is all possible.

Sharing is serving

By just talking through my story, highlighting those nuggets of connection and the challenges and triumphs of my path, I am actually being of service to those who are listening.  So simple.  So critical to building the legacy I want.

While this isn’t an advertisement to go out and listen to the interview, I hope you do.  You can find my interview with Mitchell in iTunes and  I hope you find it useful and get out there and tell your story.