It's time to chose

If you’ve read the 36 Days to an Extraordinary Life document on my site, you will know that I reference the first step in the process of transforming your life is making the choice to do so.  You have to Chose change.

It begins with knowing the why

Sure, everyone says it.  You have to find your why.  But, what does that really mean?  There are the obvious things you might say like you want to build a better life for your family or your why get phrased a path out of some predicament you currently find yourself in.  Not that these are wrong.  In fact, they are great placed to start.  To really get at the root of your why, you have to dig much deeper.  You have to look internally at your own personal motivations.  The example I gave as possible why’s are externally focused.  They are focused on the result we’d like to achieve rather than a deep internal motivation.  Describe the future state you’d like to achieve for yourself.  What key words pop out?  Use those key words to craft a statement of exactly why you are choosing something different and make it about you, not all those around you or the circumstances of your current situation. 

Choice is an active process

At this point you may have a great why statement.  The words are great but not is time to make those words real in your priorities day to day.  Evaluate what is happening in your life that aligns with that statement and what does not.  How are you currently spending your time?  To make your choice to change active, you have to make room for the new things to come in your daily priorities.  You have to make the time.  No way around it – this is hard and it isn’t a onetime exercise.  In fact, it’s a daily, minute by minute audit of how you are spending your energy, time and resources. I talk about it in the 36 Days process but, there’s tremendous value in journaling to help you perform an effective audit of this kind.

Choice isn’t all about you

I know, I just said your why has to be all about you.  That’s right.  But, here’s the thing.  There are other stakeholders in your life.  Your spouse, children, colleagues, etc. all have a stake in your success or failure and will be impacted in some way by your choice of direction.  Sharing your choice to change and the direction you are heading next with those most important to you is a scary but critical step.  You will need the support moving forward.  You will need to know who’s with you and maybe, who isn’t.  There is a right way to share though.  Summon up all the empathy you can and craft the conversation with a clear understanding of how your stakeholders will react to your choice.  The importance of a given relationship may cause you (and should) to alter slightly your path forward.  It won’t change your why but, it will influence how you align and connect with that why.

It’s time to Chose.  What will you do next?