Your pace might be killing your joy

Last Friday, I got the privilege of attending TEDxRVA.  BY now, everyone knows what TED is about…ideas worth spreading is their slogan.  This main theme of this year’s Richmond event was Change.  Seems perfect right?  I talk about making change all the time in your life and business.  One particular idea stuck me hard and it was right at the opening. 

Ben Sollee is a singer, songwriter and composer.  He describes himself as a “cello-playing, photo-taking, bike-riding, Family-loving Kentuckian.”  Opening with a beautiful rendition on “a change is gonna come” originally performed by Sam Cooke, Ben then spoke about his endeavor to tour by bicycle visiting places not normally on the tour circuit for large artists.  He experienced the local people, food and kept riding.  After his talk, he was asked to share the essence of his experience. 

He said, “There is something about finding you pace in this human, fast world.”  It took me a second to realize what Ben was getting at.  I began to realize that the magic of what he was saying that we all have a natural pace.  While the world has its own breakneck pace and tries to push us to the same lengths, we don’t have to follow suit.  Like Ben, we can choose to hop on a bike, slow things down and grab just a little more joy from the moments we have on this Earth.  Sure, this may mean that we don’t “accomplish” as much as we could’ve…at least by outside standards.  But what it will do is allow the entirety of our focus to consolidate on the few things that really matter.  Ben is a great example of slowing down to accomplish more.  Take a look at what he’s up to at

I will forever be grateful for the words of wisdom Ben shared on June 23rd.  Ideas worth spreading indeed.

Check out Ben’s full talk from a past TEDx: