Feeling Stuck? Here's what you can do Now

Maybe you feel stuck where you are.  You aren’t happy with your job or some other aspect of your life.  We get asked to do something at work that is less than ideal, that doesn’t make full use of our abilities (trying to stay positive).  Or, on a macro level, you get to the point where you just aren’t getting joy from your work any longer.  All too often, our response to such situations is to sit and boil over it.  We get angry.  We may complain to a friend or family member.  We may take our frustration out on others.  We wait for the ‘last straw’ before acting.  I think we have all been guilty of this at one time or another. 

Reframe what’s happening to you

I am a firm believer that most everything is life originates from choice.  If you hate your job, only you are to blame.  You applied for it at some point in time.  If you hate it, you likely stayed too long.  Baring in medical condition, if you are overweight, don’t get frustrated and give up, get a little angry with yourself for not making the right diet and exercise choices over time.  The stresses of life will happen but, you have choice in how you respond.  You can choose the defeatist approach I described earlier or you can choose to take control and take action.

Determine what you can do about it now

Rather than spinning your wheels lamenting about what your boss could do to make your job better or talking about all the things that are in the way of your ideal life, use that time to focus in on what you can do.  What is it that you can control?  If you don’t like your job, should you pursue a new one?  Or, are there things about your work you really enjoy that you may be able to maximize while delegating the things you prefer not to do?  I am a realist.  While there are many things you can change to make the situation better, sometimes there isn’t much you can do right now.  Changing jobs takes time…you can start now but the ultimate change may take months.  There are times when all you can do in this moment is choose to smile, challenge yourself to get through today’s situation.

Smile and move on

In this moment, you are choosing how you feel.  You have chosen the state you are in.  When someone presents you with a few flavors of ice cream and asks which you’d like to have, you pick your favorite, right?  Well then, why wouldn’t you choose to be in a state that is your most desired.  Why would you choose not to be happy?  Even if a situation sucks, you can choose to smile, you can choose to engage in activities you enjoy and you can choose to make a change to sustain that happiness.

The point of this post is really that so many of us imprison ourselves in our current situation believing that changing it is just too hard or would require too much sacrifice.  The reality is that “too hard” is defined by your mindset and is a completely fictitious concept.  Change is created by action.  If you don’t like where you are, do something about it.  It doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Start with the small thing you can do today and do another small thing tomorrow.  You will be shocked how quickly those small actions will create massive change in your life.  But first, you must choose.