Are you ready for 30 days of adventure?

And so, it begins…  I’ve talked before about what I believe are the 4 pillars of an extraordinary life.  For review, they are:


Troubled health pulls us down Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and prevent us from meeting our basic physiological needs.  Without health, it’s nearly impossible to create the mindspace and energy to provide for our own security, tend to relationships or pursue a better version of ourselves.  Above all else, it is our duty to ourselves and all those we hope to impact to maintain our health at the highest level possible.

Your contribution to the world

We each have a duty to give something back to this world before we leave.  Do you know what it is you will leave behind?  Is this how you want to be remembered?


Cultivating great relationships takes work and are a product of understanding what you can give to those around you.  Having the love of family and friends helps fills the need to belong and be connected to something bigger than yourself.


Man was born with the desire to explore.  We are curious beings.  Your brain comes alive when you explore.  New pathways and connections are built.  And in those experiences, lasting memories are built.  Learning and growth happens in those moments.

When I assess myself, exploration is often a place where I want more and want to be more.  So, for the next 30 days, I am challenging myself to find and document an adventure every single day.  No, I don’t have a special vacation planned.  I am not scheduled to do anything out of the ordinary.  I want to find the adventure and explore within the ordinary day to day.  I will document via photos and journaling what it is I come up with each day and 30 days from now, I will share with you what I did, what I learned.  I hope to report back that I’ve integrated exploration into the way I approach life.  I hope to make it habit.  We shall see.  Follow the journey on twitter @stevebazemore.  That’s where I will post daily… 

Here are the rules:

-An “adventure” here is defined as any activity or experience you do that is outside your comfort zone.  It is something that is new and different.

-Each adventure must take place on the day within the day.  Planning an adventure doesn’t count as doing an adventure.

-Where possible, I will try to include others in my adventure rather than making them solo efforts.

-Starts July 12, 2017 and will end August 12, 2017.

Are there other rules I should consider?